Say Hello to The WORLD!

CFAD 2011-2012: Solemn Investitures

Just like that

4 years of studying design… now it’s over but learning doesn’t stop there.. it only just have begun!

Graduation day has come!! did’t got what i was aiming for… to be a cumlaude.. but hey, its ok I got the Best Thesis!!

I want to introduce to you my loyal fans 😀 my family!
I still have may older sister and brother, but wasn't able to watch may grad.

And this is me! was soo bored waiting for my name to be called...

Say hi to my friends!! Julian Beatrice Sarmenta and Hazel Taperla 😀 Congrats guys!!!! Job well done 😀

And to my prettiest best friend Jeannine Sioco 😀

Things I got!
a certificate for Best Thesis!
and a Neo-Centinial batch cross! it was awsome!!!

Hey guys!!! i want you to meet this gal!
watch her channel!!
PopstarPikoy!! I'm your number 1 fan!!!

Say hello to the world!!!

I just want to say thank you to every one who continue loving me 😀 If it wasn’t for you guys I won’ t be able build myself 🙂

and especially to GOD. The hands that I’ve been holding on since I was born 🙂


I am a proud Tomasian!

Life doesn’t stop here, It only has just begun. 

MODE fashion Show 2012: UST-CFAD 3rd year creative designers

3rd Year College of Fine Arts Design 2012 Of University of Santo Tomas

Congratulations! for pulling off an amazing show the Mode Fashion show at the AVR of Beato Angelico.

For a short period of time these fashion students organized a fashion for their final requirement and look what have these kids done 🙂 transforming the very little AVR into a high fashion showroom. I think this haven’t been done before, so good job for the milestone.

Hands down and Heads up! For 3rd year UST-CFAD creative designers

Here are some of the designs that i liked 😀 sorry for the designers i didn’t got their names… will do update this once I got their names 😀

Hey I know who designed this! Kudos to Nicole Santos!!

To Renz Pangilinan, Nice use of luminous materials very innovative!

* to my fail camera i don’t know what happen to it. I’ve ask experts already they also don’t know why all the photos in my camera produces noisy pics… Nevertheless, hope you still like the photos hahaha

Our Body is Music: Light Photography

Music will always be a part of our system, body, life. Whatever music we listen to makes who we are.

A light photography

We are who we are.

Music keeps us ALIVE

Music makes us invisible

Music unites us.

*all photos are not computer manipulated and all are original.

Music is Beautiful. Listen.

8 Steps to Unleash the Graphic Designer in You

Thank you for these tips 😀

Delighting Grace

By no means have I considered myself an expert on graphic designing.  I tip my hat to those who are professional in this line. But that shouldn’t stop you and me to be creative and show it to the world. Here are some coals to fire up the graphic designer in you.

  1. Starts shooting photos- mobile phone or a low MP camera, you have no excuse for not catching that great image. Get those moments that excites you enough. Save it on your laptop or PC.
  2. Get or download a photo editing software- this will enable you to create, manipulate, enhance photos, graphics, etc. Photoshop is the most popular of this software but you can download alternatives like GIMP 2 for FREE.
  3. Download textures- these are pictures or wallpapers that has different cool design that are use in graphic design. Google some of it for FREE. Some textures I like…

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Online Portfolio! must have one!

At last! done with college!

Now it’s time to look for a job 😀 As a fine arts student, to have your own portfolio is a must! So for those artsy fartsy students out there, here’s a website that will surely be your friend. offers user friendly flash based website that you can use it for your portfolio! and it’s free! tho you’ll get the free version where they’ll put ads on your site. Yet you can still create creative site!

So here what i’ve made 😀 my online portfolio hope you like it!!

Serenitea: TOTALLY not your ordinary cup of tea! :) Pulpy Winter Storm

*My onion nose got curious!


Tired of ordering the usual milk teas? Try something different and weird!!??

The Winter Storm!!

A pulpy winter cool variation drink that you will surely enjoy it’s new experience and oddness of the drink 😀 Believe me I really enjoyed this one.

Try something different! pulpy drink Winter Storm from Serenitea. It's peculiarly delicious! best with crystal sinkers.

Ever wonder what are those "frog's eggs" like floating around that makes this drink odd? They are perilla seeds!! Based on my nose searching answers, perilla seeds prevent coughing and resolve difficult breathing, and relax the bowels. Nice huh!

Thanks to my friend Kaye Sordan who helped me with my milk tea problems! hahaha my milk tea expert 😛 nice one kaye! Best Thesis!


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