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8 Steps to Unleash the Graphic Designer in You

Thank you for these tips 😀

Delighting Grace

By no means have I considered myself an expert on graphic designing.  I tip my hat to those who are professional in this line. But that shouldn’t stop you and me to be creative and show it to the world. Here are some coals to fire up the graphic designer in you.

  1. Starts shooting photos- mobile phone or a low MP camera, you have no excuse for not catching that great image. Get those moments that excites you enough. Save it on your laptop or PC.
  2. Get or download a photo editing software- this will enable you to create, manipulate, enhance photos, graphics, etc. Photoshop is the most popular of this software but you can download alternatives like GIMP 2 for FREE.
  3. Download textures- these are pictures or wallpapers that has different cool design that are use in graphic design. Google some of it for FREE. Some textures I like…

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2 responses to “8 Steps to Unleash the Graphic Designer in You

  1. Nitoy Gonzales ⋅

    thanks for the reblog.God bless you!!!!

  2. Think of a shot – then think of a better one with the same scene.

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