I’m soo fat I run 5k! a very active and romantic fun run :)

Still feeling drowsy for waking up 3:30 in the morning @.@ because of you! Run United 1 2012!! how dare you! 😀

runner shirt

preparing my things.. woo! go 11323!

So, my family decided we joined a run hosted by Unilab. The run was promoting active and healthy lifestyle. Well i guess if you’re reading my blog, this run is for you! haha! So stand up, work those muscles! haha! Well its true, cos’ people nowadays spend more time facing in front of their computer rather than enjoying the real life out there! Get active. Life is short and free! So here we are at MOA again..

The Start of The Race

Ok, ready, set, fun run! at the starting line of the leg there's too much excited people!!! fun! 😀


After running for 30mins decided to walk and took this shot 😀 blurred 😐 cos' my hands are shaking and having fun! haha

the run ends here

finally, the run ends here... more! more! more! didn't saw my exact time but as i can remember im about 43+ mins sweaty people all over the place 😐

The Active Health Expo entrance The entrace we've all been waiting for!


The jumping enervon people! you don't know how many shots we take to get this. Enervon! the multi vitamins that will get you hype and active!

Powerade! another major sponsor of the event. Woops! its taste good i finished the whole bottle.

Thank you to my brother who lend me this comfy nike running shoes. I highly recommend using this shoes when running! one step and you'll go swoosh! sorry bout my hairy legs 😀

a sun rise view of SMX

a sun rise view of SMX 🙂

This is cute and lovely 🙂 some guy just proposed after the run.. aww sweet and sweaty!

the guy said.. will you marry me? the girl.. ughh yes!! YOOHOO!!!

awww... love 🙂

A very romantic and active fun run!

wait for the next season of Run United 😀

Life is free, RUN!

Sa Wat Dee means HELLO!

A big big Bazzar of thai products

At the SMX convention hall 3-4

Forgive me for posting blurry photos 😦

So, I went to what they call “The Thailand trade Exhibition” but as i can see it is a BIG BIG bazaar showcasing imported products from Thailand! And they’re all awesome! from clothing, to jewelries, to food!, and free Thai massage! Everything in one event.

It started March 1 and will end on march 4! Which is tomorrow! So last day shopping for everyone!

Few things i find interesting in the bazaar:

Bags from Thailand

Unique Reversible Batik Bags from Thailand

Thai accessories

Nice accessories made out of glass! just be careful not to break them 😀

different kind of molding

Some other molding product that kids would really love! From beady dough to light clay.

Kid Art

Now you can create your own SAND CASTLE! using this molding Sand Clay you can create tons of art! and take note! it hardens within an hour so your sand art could stay as long you want it 🙂

robotic yarn keycahin

Voodoo Dolls go futuristic!! Im really fond of futuristic stuff. So just that i saw this, this is definitely for me 😀 I'm going to call it.. Dr. Drone ^^ He's worth 50 pesos! and I bought the last piece of Dr. Drone 😛


so there's also a BIG REGGAE Voodoo doll hahaha! nice lips Mr. Voodoo

Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!

Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! are driving me crazzyy!!! nuts everywhere!!

My Cousin bought one of this! made out of brass with.. some sort of humongous seeds attached to it.. interesting tho. hahaha! and it has bells!

Well that’s all for now 😀

laaeo phohp gan mai means see you later!

Largest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines!

the largest ferris wheel in the Philippines

View from MOA. The Largest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines.

Hold your noses!! This is the Largest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines!


I thought i’m only going to see this in Singapore but nooooo there’s also one in the Philippines! but a little bit smaller i think. Yet, It’s still an experiences!! For a ticket ride cost of 150 you’ll get to see a very unwinding view of the Pasay city seaside!

I recommend it:

for those who wants to have a fun and romatic date 🙂

for those who enjoys sight seeing

for those who just love to try new stuff

for those who doesn’t have fear of hights

for those who wants to cure their fear of hights

for those who wants to have their fear of hights

Feed your mind, EXPLORE.

What’s Up with my Onion Nose?

Hi there! See my Onion Nose?

everything’s fresh, everything’s new here for me 😀

Thanks to the help of my friend Alyanna Dela Cruz for showing me how great to blog is! 😀

Actually I don’t know what to blog about. Should I focus my blog on fashion? art? travel? food? or something personal? all I want is to make things interesting and fun! 😀

Make the whole world filled up with colors!

Life is short, so live life to the fullest!

*Still figuring out things so bare with me and my onion nose

*hey Alyanna Dela Cruz, I’ll never forget “…..pero CUUuUUTTIIEEEEEY!!” >:)<