Sweet Life in Boracay : DAY 1

You’ve probably already heard about this Island in the Philippines called


So for some who haven’t been there, here’s a glimpse  on what you’ll see and experience in this beautiful place.


Boat Terminal In Aklan going to Boracay. Offers you a beautiful sunset. 🙂

First thing first. Enjoy the beautiful scene of Boracay.

Remember it’s NOT Bora, It’s Boracay.

The white sand and the beautiful beach.

Next thing you should do, bury your feet in the white sand. To exfoliate dead skin cells on you feet! hahahaaha

Run to the beach to wash your feet and experience the clear water of Boracay.

I am a Serious Eater : Sambokojin

Before I had my graduation, we had an early celebration at Sambokojin Eastwood!

Note: This place, is for serious eaters


Japanese and Korean food everywhere!

From different kinds of meat...

to makis and sushi's... (mouthwatering!!!)

My favorite area, Desserts!

Also, a great place for you and your family to eat for a big celebration!

Ok before we start, you should know what you will  handle first:

> you are the cook – grab whatever your taste buds shouts. cook it. eat it.

> your cooking space – you’ll be dealing with smokeless grill on your table.

> experiment – per table you’re provided with 6 different sauces, add it on to your food to make you smile 🙂


My first stop. The raw meat

You better cook it good or else you'll be eating raw. The one with the mushrooms are the must try!

To eat good food is not a sin 🙂

Next plate!! may favorite! maki's and sushi's!!! eat it right away.

Make way for the raw fish!!!!!

Next plate! tempuras. I love tempura because of the sauce! hahaha

can you read YUMMMMYYYY on my face??

Time to rewind! I enjoyed this stuff so I should have another round.

SWEET TIME! There's a whole bunch of desserts but I think i'll be having strawberry and vanilla ice cream with marshmallow on top 🙂

Oops and I got another plate of icecream,Say AHHHH!!!!

At this point, you'll feel dizzy...

But you can't stop heaven on your mouth! :)))

Next thing I know.... I can see the sunrise.

Don’t forget to like their facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/SamboKojin

And visit their website for more inquiries : http://www.sambokojin.com

Eastwood Citywalk QC (Tel. 421-0145 to 46)/ EDSA Greenhills Mandaluyong City (Tel. 726-4466 or 726-4520)

Monday to Friday LUNCH P 499 No Left Over Price

Monday to Friday DINNER P 599 No Left Over Price

Saturday to Sunday and Holidays P 649 No Left Over Price

Children below 4 ft. P299 No Left Over Price
(Add P200 only for leftover)

Explore, gain experience.

The grass is really greener at Joemonkey Manila!

From the busy and nosy street in manila, there’s a place where the grass is really greener!


The crib of delicious Milk tea in the metro.

Wait! before you scroll down… like their facebook fanpage! 😛


now, you may go on…

located in Ground Floor Unit 1B Vantage Building, Delos Reyes Street, Sampaloc, 1015 Manila, Philippines. To make it short go to P.noval Manila then ask any person there, they’ll surely point where the place is! Also, it’s just beside UST.

Look at the busy street outside. Now, Look at the quiet, relaxing, green (and pink) place inside 🙂 Bet you want to run and go to this place!

AND A PLUS! it has FREE WIFI! you heard it right, FREE WIFI!

Cocoa Mousse-tache! try drinking it and look at your face in the mirror see what happens hahaha! truly enjoyable drink!

Peek-a-boo! it's Joe!


Sorry Pau I really have to post this 😀 I miss you!!!

To my one and only Blog reader and favorite blockmate!
Pau De Ramos!
check her blog! http://pauderamos.blogspot.com
This gal is really awesome!




A painting called “Imaginarium”

I made this painting way back when I was in 2yr college. Just for fun, I created a 4 panel painting that was placed in our living room 🙂

Just a burst of colors, emotions, thoughts, ideas, imaginations, in a form of circular figures. This is to break the simplicity of our living room.

My brain in colors 🙂

This is how my brain looks like.