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My Dark Ages

This is the time of my life where I feel like I’m all alone in life.

Well not really really alone haha! I love my friends  🙂

I just can’t stand staying at home where the internet is busted, no comfort food to get fat with and no crazy friends to keep you on the positive side! here, there is no life.

So to keep time running, I stand up and linger aroud our house and look for things that I could get busy with.

1.Fix the internet – failed

image sit – the most tiring job! Yet, baby Dylan was so cute! Makes me want to play some more!


3. Listen to my old playlist – It’s funny how you get to understand the message of the song now that you’re older. Then realize most of them are all about sex 😐


4. I Really can’t stand it! – So i went out with my lil sis and eat at Burger King. Free wifi!! Blog time!


*having a hardtime using a smart phone to blog haha Downloaded wordpress app for android and its awesome!


How’s your day fella readers? 🙂

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