Hi there!

Here’s my onion nose ready to share whatever pops in my head!

I’m Mikhail Dan M. Teodoro student of University of Santo Tomas took up Fine arts and Design major in Advertising.

THIS IS ME and my onion nose

I like to EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, EAT, DESIGN, PLAY, and LAUGH. I believe I am here to share them all to you!

 I want to see all my readers to smile like this! 😀

If you like what you’re reading or seeing please do share it.

Spread smiles and love.

Feel free to email me, facebook me, twitter me:



*and if you do find something wrong in my blog I highly accept correction and criticism 😀

promise you, I’ll give out hugs and smiles

4 responses to “About

  1. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading my random posts about my life. Godbless! 🙂

  2. Hi! Glad you like the blog, even if it is a bit…occasional? BTW anyone who posts a pic like that on their blog deserves to be followed. I like it!

  3. PS. Forgot to say, my pic is me aged 4 in 1948. Wasn’t I just the cutest thing? Time, however, has not been kind! LOL

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