Visit Police Caravan at MOA!
showcasing their new collection in 15% discounts!
until May 1 only! Hurry-up guys!


The Leather collection



The Black collection



The Steel collection



LOOK who dropped by the caravan!










Save the Whale Sharks!

Got inspired by the models posing with the whale shark. By this simple drawing, it might spread the word.


We can’t afford to lose these beautiful creatures in our ocean.

One step at a time to help restore the our magnificent earth.

sign the petition : http://www.change.org/petitions/help-save-whale-sharks#share

Happy Kid in the Morning! Nestle Premium!

Good Morning!!

They say chocolates makes you feel happy!!!

That’s why I see to it that I’ll have my daily chocolate dosage of Nestle Premium.

I love Nestle Chocolate Premium every morning! Have a Great Morning everyone!

“Sinong may sabing lahat ng masarap masama?”

Benefits of drinking chocolates:

1. High Antioxidants

2.Blood Pressure Benefits

3. natural anti-depressant

4. Longer life and less diseases

5. Brain health

What I wore at work!

A deep navy blue statement shirt with a faded green pants. Along with a black Caterpillar Semi high cut shoes.

Accessorized with an Oozoo watch, a beaded black rosary, and my favorite Aztec arm band.

Time X watch: EXPEDITION MILITARY CHRONO: The Aztec Military”


A stylish outdoor watch.

Where can you find a goodie like this!?

Introducing the Time X Expedition Military Chrono. A watch that will truly companion you with time and style from outdoor activities.

Price: P9,490

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Outfit shot: “The Aztec Military”

For my outfit shot, a black top with aztec pocket to make it a bit modern. Along with a brown suede boots too add a military look, tucked with a brown pants. Accessorized with an aztec arm band from Spade Ace.


Simple, fashionable, casual look.