I Love my Friends || Starships by Nicky Minaj


Ok so i got bored and there’s nothing to do!! still a bummer here. No work 😐

I just did what I do best 🙂 To disturb my friends! HAHA!

So I forced them to make a random webcam vid then send it to me. With a little video editing magic i came up with this!

Starships by Nicky Minaj!  hope you enjoy watching my silly friends 😀 I love them all.

Our Body is Music: Light Photography

Music will always be a part of our system, body, life. Whatever music we listen to makes who we are.

A light photography

We are who we are.

Music keeps us ALIVE

Music makes us invisible

Music unites us.

*all photos are not computer manipulated and all are original.

Music is Beautiful. Listen.