Fashion = Comfort

I believe in good fashion equates to clothing for comfort.

Wearing a red cotton plaid long sleeve polo to protect my skin from the damaging sun-rays.

Paired up with black inner printed black top and faded wood brown pants from Human.

A pair of white sneakers to make the over all look light.

Completed it with a sunglasses from Forever21 and a Timex fashion watch.

Life is Like Driving on the Road

Life is Like Driving on the Road.

You have to focus on your lane.

Some may overtake you,

Some may just pass through you.


Be alert,

Keep in phase,

Keep moving forward,

Give way,

Because the road looks daunting.


There are times that you should know when to stop.

There are times that you should always be ready when to go.

Find yourself on the road,

And surely you’ll be safe.


Give signals to those who are behind,

to guide them pass through.

Just focus on your lane,

And you’ll sooner get to your destination.