The Adventure of Kido and Laila : Going to the Exibit

Off for an adventure with my friend here Laila.

Follow us while we commute going to UST.

Me and Laila going for a trip!

Riding the tricycle while Laila on my lap :> *how sweet

Laila sitting pretty in the bus.

Laila standing in the bus.

a chat with Laila in the pedicab.

Laila demurely going down the pedicab. *she’s a bit conservative

Laila waiting to be loved.

Laila waiting for the stop sign for her to cross the road.

Laila crossng the deadly road of Espania.

Laila waiting at the waiting shed for nothing.

Laila at the top of the WORLD!

Finally, Laila at the exhibit as a man.

*BTW my exhibit here is about motorcycle jackets, will make a post soon! 🙂

Pau De Ramos cuddling Laila *shhhh she didn’t know Laila’s a girl… hahaha! *in case you want to tell her the truth.


Make life an adventure!

If there are opportunities to be kids again.. GRAB IT!

Since me and my friends have “working life” already.. we barely need something to distress ourselves.

After watching a Last Full Show movie.. the mall was too empty, dark, and free! hahaha that’s where our kiddie brains plays the role.


ME and JEANNINE playing dead.

Dead people at the Escalator

*next day, back to our working life.

Enjoy life! Be kids!

My Dark Ages

This is the time of my life where I feel like I’m all alone in life.

Well not really really alone haha! I love my friends  🙂

I just can’t stand staying at home where the internet is busted, no comfort food to get fat with and no crazy friends to keep you on the positive side! here, there is no life.

So to keep time running, I stand up and linger aroud our house and look for things that I could get busy with.

1.Fix the internet – failed

image sit – the most tiring job! Yet, baby Dylan was so cute! Makes me want to play some more!


3. Listen to my old playlist – It’s funny how you get to understand the message of the song now that you’re older. Then realize most of them are all about sex 😐


4. I Really can’t stand it! – So i went out with my lil sis and eat at Burger King. Free wifi!! Blog time!


*having a hardtime using a smart phone to blog haha Downloaded wordpress app for android and its awesome!


How’s your day fella readers? 🙂

Life is Like Driving on the Road

Life is Like Driving on the Road.

You have to focus on your lane.

Some may overtake you,

Some may just pass through you.


Be alert,

Keep in phase,

Keep moving forward,

Give way,

Because the road looks daunting.


There are times that you should know when to stop.

There are times that you should always be ready when to go.

Find yourself on the road,

And surely you’ll be safe.


Give signals to those who are behind,

to guide them pass through.

Just focus on your lane,

And you’ll sooner get to your destination.

I’m soo fat I run 5k! a very active and romantic fun run :)

Still feeling drowsy for waking up 3:30 in the morning @.@ because of you! Run United 1 2012!! how dare you! 😀

runner shirt

preparing my things.. woo! go 11323!

So, my family decided we joined a run hosted by Unilab. The run was promoting active and healthy lifestyle. Well i guess if you’re reading my blog, this run is for you! haha! So stand up, work those muscles! haha! Well its true, cos’ people nowadays spend more time facing in front of their computer rather than enjoying the real life out there! Get active. Life is short and free! So here we are at MOA again..

The Start of The Race

Ok, ready, set, fun run! at the starting line of the leg there's too much excited people!!! fun! 😀


After running for 30mins decided to walk and took this shot 😀 blurred 😐 cos' my hands are shaking and having fun! haha

the run ends here

finally, the run ends here... more! more! more! didn't saw my exact time but as i can remember im about 43+ mins sweaty people all over the place 😐

The Active Health Expo entrance The entrace we've all been waiting for!


The jumping enervon people! you don't know how many shots we take to get this. Enervon! the multi vitamins that will get you hype and active!

Powerade! another major sponsor of the event. Woops! its taste good i finished the whole bottle.

Thank you to my brother who lend me this comfy nike running shoes. I highly recommend using this shoes when running! one step and you'll go swoosh! sorry bout my hairy legs 😀

a sun rise view of SMX

a sun rise view of SMX 🙂

This is cute and lovely 🙂 some guy just proposed after the run.. aww sweet and sweaty!

the guy said.. will you marry me? the girl.. ughh yes!! YOOHOO!!!

awww... love 🙂

A very romantic and active fun run!

wait for the next season of Run United 😀

Life is free, RUN!