The Big N’ Tasty : At Last!!

Finally! had the chance to grab mcdo’s Big n’ Tasty Burger!

For those who still dosen’t know *I doubt…

this is what I am talking about.

I can’t resist to take a bite!!

Sorry for my food photography skills. 😀

It has grilled Beef Patty, high grade tomatoes, crunchy fresh lettuce, *my fave ONIONS, mouthwatering tasty cheese, and the very curious “mystery sauce” ooohh, all packed in sesame buns. 😀

When heaven gives you what you want 😀

Try it! it’s BIG n’ TASTY!

Our Body is Music: Light Photography

Music will always be a part of our system, body, life. Whatever music we listen to makes who we are.

A light photography

We are who we are.

Music keeps us ALIVE

Music makes us invisible

Music unites us.

*all photos are not computer manipulated and all are original.

Music is Beautiful. Listen.