The Adventure of Kido and Laila : Going to the Exibit

Off for an adventure with my friend here Laila.

Follow us while we commute going to UST.

Me and Laila going for a trip!

Riding the tricycle while Laila on my lap :> *how sweet

Laila sitting pretty in the bus.

Laila standing in the bus.

a chat with Laila in the pedicab.

Laila demurely going down the pedicab. *she’s a bit conservative

Laila waiting to be loved.

Laila waiting for the stop sign for her to cross the road.

Laila crossng the deadly road of Espania.

Laila waiting at the waiting shed for nothing.

Laila at the top of the WORLD!

Finally, Laila at the exhibit as a man.

*BTW my exhibit here is about motorcycle jackets, will make a post soon! 🙂

Pau De Ramos cuddling Laila *shhhh she didn’t know Laila’s a girl… hahaha! *in case you want to tell her the truth.


Make life an adventure!

The Big N’ Tasty : At Last!!

Finally! had the chance to grab mcdo’s Big n’ Tasty Burger!

For those who still dosen’t know *I doubt…

this is what I am talking about.

I can’t resist to take a bite!!

Sorry for my food photography skills. 😀

It has grilled Beef Patty, high grade tomatoes, crunchy fresh lettuce, *my fave ONIONS, mouthwatering tasty cheese, and the very curious “mystery sauce” ooohh, all packed in sesame buns. 😀

When heaven gives you what you want 😀

Try it! it’s BIG n’ TASTY!