Serenitea: TOTALLY not your ordinary cup of tea! :) Pulpy Winter Storm

*My onion nose got curious!


Tired of ordering the usual milk teas? Try something different and weird!!??

The Winter Storm!!

A pulpy winter cool variation drink that you will surely enjoy it’s new experience and oddness of the drink 😀 Believe me I really enjoyed this one.

Try something different! pulpy drink Winter Storm from Serenitea. It's peculiarly delicious! best with crystal sinkers.

Ever wonder what are those "frog's eggs" like floating around that makes this drink odd? They are perilla seeds!! Based on my nose searching answers, perilla seeds prevent coughing and resolve difficult breathing, and relax the bowels. Nice huh!

Thanks to my friend Kaye Sordan who helped me with my milk tea problems! hahaha my milk tea expert 😛 nice one kaye! Best Thesis!


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