I Love my Friends || Starships by Nicky Minaj


Ok so i got bored and there’s nothing to do!! still a bummer here. No work 😐

I just did what I do best 🙂 To disturb my friends! HAHA!

So I forced them to make a random webcam vid then send it to me. With a little video editing magic i came up with this!

Starships by Nicky Minaj!  hope you enjoy watching my silly friends 😀 I love them all.

Sweet Life in Boracay : DAY 1

You’ve probably already heard about this Island in the Philippines called


So for some who haven’t been there, here’s a glimpse  on what you’ll see and experience in this beautiful place.


Boat Terminal In Aklan going to Boracay. Offers you a beautiful sunset. 🙂

First thing first. Enjoy the beautiful scene of Boracay.

Remember it’s NOT Bora, It’s Boracay.

The white sand and the beautiful beach.

Next thing you should do, bury your feet in the white sand. To exfoliate dead skin cells on you feet! hahahaaha

Run to the beach to wash your feet and experience the clear water of Boracay.