If there are opportunities to be kids again.. GRAB IT!

Since me and my friends have “working life” already.. we barely need something to distress ourselves.

After watching a Last Full Show movie.. the mall was too empty, dark, and free! hahaha that’s where our kiddie brains plays the role.


ME and JEANNINE playing dead.

Dead people at the Escalator

*next day, back to our working life.

Enjoy life! Be kids!

I Love my Friends || Starships by Nicky Minaj


Ok so i got bored and there’s nothing to do!! still a bummer here. No work 😐

I just did what I do best 🙂 To disturb my friends! HAHA!

So I forced them to make a random webcam vid then send it to me. With a little video editing magic i came up with this!

Starships by Nicky Minaj!  hope you enjoy watching my silly friends 😀 I love them all.