Happy Kid in the Morning! Nestle Premium!

Good Morning!!

They say chocolates makes you feel happy!!!

That’s why I see to it that I’ll have my daily chocolate dosage of Nestle Premium.

I love Nestle Chocolate Premium every morning! Have a Great Morning everyone!

“Sinong may sabing lahat ng masarap masama?”

Benefits of drinking chocolates:

1. High Antioxidants

2.Blood Pressure Benefits

3. natural anti-depressant

4. Longer life and less diseases

5. Brain health

What I wore at work!

A deep navy blue statement shirt with a faded green pants. Along with a black Caterpillar Semi high cut shoes.

Accessorized with an Oozoo watch, a beaded black rosary, and my favorite Aztec arm band.

Time X watch: EXPEDITION MILITARY CHRONO: The Aztec Military”


A stylish outdoor watch.

Where can you find a goodie like this!?

Introducing the Time X Expedition Military Chrono. A watch that will truly companion you with time and style from outdoor activities.

Price: P9,490

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Outfit shot: “The Aztec Military”

For my outfit shot, a black top with aztec pocket to make it a bit modern. Along with a brown suede boots too add a military look, tucked with a brown pants. Accessorized with an aztec arm band from Spade Ace.


Simple, fashionable, casual look.

Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good nights

Something that I wrote last year 🙂


“Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good nights”




Hi there, Hey there

Who sits on the floor

Eating, nibbling

Not knowing what’s on the door


Hi there, Hey there

Who knocked on the door

My name is..

What’s yours?


Stand up, Stand up

I’ll be a friend, might be a foe

I’ll be your rocket,

Just hold my hands


Who’s this, who are you?
Should I accept?

Should I open?

I’ve never let anyone step on my door


Everything’s new

Everything’s first

Everything’s happy

Everything’s on the same path


We’re not the same kind

We’re not the normal type

But all we know is

We have the same heart


I’m always here

I’ll give what you want

Efforts, Love, Anger

Love conquers all


What’s this? What’s this?
This is new, this is first

I like you

Don’t get too soon,

This might end up soon


I love you,

I love you.

But I love,

I love you


I love you,

I love you.

Is this true?

Is this a feeling?


You cry…

Don’t cry.

I cry…

Don’t cry


You want the world to end

It makes me feel I’m not there

I want to keep you smiling

Till the world ends



You’re always sad…

Why are you sad?

Just a smile

Everyone smiles


Why are you sad?

Is it me?
I failed



Hi, hello

Good morning

I’m home



Hi, where are you?
Good morning

I’m away

Good night


Road crumbles

Every thing’s old

Everything’s cliché

Everything repeats


Don’t know what’s new

Don’t know what’s fine

Walls, barricade, obstacles

It’s hard


I know there’s a path

But we have our own path

You can go to your path; I can go to my path

I know we still have the same path, our hearts

I miss you,

I miss you.

But I miss you

I miss you.


This is for the meantime,

You’re my rocket.

Focus, Love, Anger

I know we still have the same path, our hearts


Pages turns fast

Leaves falls apart

I can’t see your heart

I know we still have the same path, our hearts


I miss you

I miss you.

Where are you?
I miss you.


I miss you

Where are you?
Can’t hear you

I love you


Should I text?

Should I not?

Should I move?

Should I run?

I cried…




I miss you,

Where are you?
Can’t hear you

I love you


Everything’s dark

I’m blind, crawling

Where are you?
I miss you.


I’m sad

I’m angry

Should I move?

Should I run?


Hi, hello

Good morning, goodnights

I love you

Won’t wear off


Covered and blinded

Angry and confused

Where are you?
Don’t go


Blinded and sick

Angry to myself

Words are random

Minds are bursting


Hi, hello

Good morning, goodnights

I love you

Won’t wear off


Hi there, hey there

Where are you?

Should I text?

Should I not?


Hi there, Hey there

I’m tired

I’m worn off



Don’t go…


Hi, hello

Good morning, goodnights

I love you

Won’t wear off


Thanks, but please move on…


No more chances

No more you

What I have are memories

Memories that can’t be moved


I lost our love

Our perfect love

I know we still have the same path, our hearts

I miss you


From the first day

Till where we are right now.

I love you,

My Kitty.



-If you think you have a good idea, push it! Do not constrain your self with the rules. Use them as your guide, then improve from it.

-key: Time Management
-Never ever go to a consultation unprepared. List down what you have done then discuss. Start from there, practice your conversation with your adviser. Always ask questions and Ask your advisers to ask questions about your work. Now, you can focus on your flaws.

-always think your in front of your client. what ever impression you leave will reflect to you! So have your materials at its good quality.

*Remember that your adviser will grade you on your performance

-Have fun! Enjoy what your doing! The more you’re serious the more your mistakes will be noticed.
-But always remember, be in order. So that when you present, things will flow easily. SWABE KUMBAGA

Eventually everything will be a piece of cake

-Every thing you do or add, always have a back-up research.
-Be logical. That’s how to impress your judges.

Fashion = Comfort


I believe in good fashion equates to clothing for comfort.

Wearing a red cotton plaid long sleeve polo to protect my skin from the damaging sun-rays.

Paired up with black inner printed black top and faded wood brown pants from Human.

A pair of white sneakers to make the over all look light.

Completed it with a sunglasses from Forever21 and a Timex fashion watch.